Monday, November 2, 2009

How I started

I have always liked the intricate patterns that are associated with Chinese ceramics from the late 1600;s to the 1920;s and I like blue and white as a personal favourite. I collect certain pieces; when I am in China that I think I would want to have in my personal collection; this makes my purchase easy as I do not look at the price {high or low}; but more of weather the piece to me looks authentic; this is not that easy {as there are fakes everywhere}; but if I will enjoy it in my collection; then I will buy it given that I can afford it; as some ceramics may fetch as high as $27;ooo;ooo at auction; and I do not that kind to spare ; without serious ramifications to my financial well being. The above item is one that was purchased in the city of Tianjin; it is quite heavy; and to this day I have never seen a Chinese ceramic that comes close in appearance; shape or syle.I look foreward to finding out the origin and history behind this paticuar piece; as I can not be sure on its history. I am 80% sure it is of high quality .

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