Monday, November 2, 2009

Buying ceramics in China

I purchased this vase in the far back alley way in Beijing;it was purchased on the anniversary of the Tienanmen square uprising;and the police that day where in full force all across the city. The main streets where lined with police ;but the commerce in the ally ways where still going on. Most of the time it is the average citizen setting up shop in the alley ways of Beijing; that to me produce the most interesting pieces.This form of doing business is difficult as there is no paper work or paper receipt with the purchase; so I need to trust my own intuition; and either make a mistake or not.In the end though I have what I wanted from my time in China and these items are in my collection.

When I am browsing in China; and I come across a object that I like it is not uncommon to here statements to the fact that the object that I am going to purchase may only be 200 to 300 years old; these statements are usually from the seller or a bystander at the time of purchase. To me the problem behind there thinking is that time is always moving foreward; and given another 25 years or so; the purchased item may be of some value; given they are no longer in there hands; and the items have left the country. I find that the Chinese are sellers of rare items ;not buyers; and the fear of an error on there part; stops them from moving foreward on possible future gains.

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